Who Should Complete the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Assessment?

This week Safety@TTU focuses on safety training.

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) is Texas Tech’s safety plan when working with physical and chemical hazards. Although the subtitle “Laboratory Safety Manual” may seem to target only labs, the CHP is relevant to work in studios, field sites and any other areas in which hazards may be present. The CHP discusses not only prudent practices for work with regulated chemicals, many of which are used in agriculture, engineering and studio arts, it also covers topics such as minors participating in on-campus experiences and provides templates for group safety plans.

All individuals working with these hazards demonstrate knowledge of the CHP by taking the online, open book test called the CHP Assessment. The Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee, Environmental Health and Safety and the Office of the Vice President for Research have developed a chart to help determine who needs to complete the CHP Assessment. Get more information and see the chart here >>

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