Safety Month Wrap-Up

While Safety@TTU month wraps up today, the blog will stay active with new topics at least once a month. Check back in October for more safety updates as well as information on having a safe Halloween.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Michael San Francisco, interim vice president for research, said in his video earlier this month, “safety at TTU is part of the fabric of our university.

Interim Provost Lawrence Schovanec, in his Safety@TTU video below echoes those sentiments, “Safety is not an option. We want to make sure that we create a safety culture where safety practices are a common everyday occurrence.”

Remember, all Texas Tech employees should take the Safety Awareness Training on the Environmental Health and Safety website. Those who work around chemicals and other hazards in our labs, studios and field sites should read the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and take the CHP online training as well as the Hazard Communications online training.

If you have questions about what safety training you need, see the EH&S Safety Training Web page and talk to your immediate supervisor.

Thank you for participating in Safety@TTU. Please send any questions or feedback to

This information is not exhaustive and should not be construed as containing all the necessary compliance, safety, or warning information available. Please make sure you consult with EH&S or appropriate supervisors for all safety information and procedures.

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