Traffic Safety Follow Up

sun on FlintThank you to everyone who sent emails and comments to This afternoon we wanted to include one last blog about a particular comment that has many concerned this time of year.

As the sun rises and sets each day throughout the year, the position of the sun on the horizon changes. Right now, that position falls directly in the path of east/west traffic. The sun in the eyes of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians can lower visibility to traffic hazards. It is very easy not to see a pedestrian crossing the street or a bicyclist turning into traffic. We want to make sure everyone is aware of this issue and takes precautions when driving around campus, particularly on those east/west streets with sun hazards.

Thank you to the person who wrote in about this issue. Also, thank you to the Texas Tech police officers helping to remediate the issue at high-risk areas by directing traffic.

If you have any comments or concerns, email us at Also, follow us on Twitter @TTUsafety and Texas Tech Research on Facebook.

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