What is Safety@TTU?

Safety@TTU is a new internal communications campaign that will provide information, tips and reminders about safety on our campus.

“It is vital that we continue the conversation about safety in our laboratories, shops and studios,” said Michael San Francisco, interim vice president for research. “We thought Safety@TTU would be one way to keep the topic of safety in the forefront of our daily conversation.”

President Duane Nellis reaffirmed his commitment to safety on the Texas Tech campus and the Chemical Hygiene Plan last week with a letter to the campus. He helps us kick off our safety campaign in the accompanying video.

While much of the information will involve our laboratories, studios and shops, Safety@TTU covers topics ranging from driver safety to how many extension cords are safe to have plugged into your office outlets.

Safety@TTU is an online effort. Information will be presented Monday-Friday throughout September on our blog. The entries will feature tips, general information, downloadable tip sheets and posters. We’ll also take a look at the role of Environmental Health and Safety and how their expertise can make a faculty member’s life easier by suggesting safety best practices and helping with risk analysis and compliance issues.

“EH&S is not the safety police, they are here to help all faculty,” said Alice Young, association vice president for research/research integrity. “The EH&S staff are responsible for campus-wide compliance with regulations that impact TTU, but they are also here to act as consultants to faculty. As faculty, we’re the experts on the work going on in our studios and labs – and take on responsibility to teach our students how to work safely. We need to call on EH&S to help us do that.”

Safety@TTU also will feature videos from the president, interim provost, interim vice president for research, deans and faculty members who will talk about the importance of safety.

Safety@TTU will focus on a general topic each week:

  • General safety information, including a newly developed table to help determine what training is needed by faculty and staff based on their job descriptions and areas.
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Day-to-day office safety tips

Much of the information presented in Safety@TTU information is taken from Texas Tech University Operating Policies and Procedures, and other approved documents, or from OSHA and other federal agencies. The information provided should not be construed as containing all the necessary compliance, safety, or warning information available. Please make sure you consult with EH&S or appropriate supervisors for all safety information and procedures.

Many different offices across the Texas Tech campus contributed to the Safety@TTU information, including the Operations Division, including custodial services and vehicle fleet management and university Traffic and Parking.

Please send any questions or feedback to safety@ttu.edu.

Safety@TTU will continue after September with updates at least once a month to continue to highlight the importance of our safety climate at Texas Tech.

Safety@TTU is a collaborative effort from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of the Provost and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

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